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Marie-Love the fragrance!

I am using the facial oil. I love the fragrance. Such a small amount goes a long way. My pores look cleaner and my skin feels great.

Kate-Gorgeous Oils!

I’ve used 3 different ones so far and completely love them!

Customer used: Nourishing Pregnancy Oil, Vibrancy Facial Oil, Luscious Body Oil

Jan-Wonderful aroma therapy is a bonus!

Ready to purchase again. Skin is plumper and hydrated. I love using these oils and can thoroughly recommend. Wonderful aroma therapy is a bonus

Customer Used: Vibrancy Facial Oil

Hannah-Reminds me of a day spa every time I put it on!

A beautiful oil that smells devine! It reminds me of a day spa every time I put it on! Isn't oily on the skin, my skin absorbs it up and it leaves my skin hydrated and smooth. So nice to rub on before bed to help me sleep.

Customer Used: Nourishing Pregnancy Oil

Marianne-Wrinkles have been minimized!

My daughter reports that the oil has been beautiful to use, and has been good at keeping the acne under control. I have enjoyed the gorgeous fragrances of the two oils. Wrinkles have been minimized and acne has been avoided by using them, particularly blackheads. Skin feels nicely hydrated. I have extra sensitive skin, one tiny dot does the big age spot first, then the rest applied to the whole face and neck, except the chin. Oils applied to my chin results in a rash. Many products bring out the whole face in a rash, so its nice that I can use your face serum for the most part. The Body oil was lovely to use on the hands, cleared up cuticle splits nicely and healed up the skin damage caused by hand sanitizer and frequent hand washing

Customer Used: Rejuvenating Facial Oil & Luscious Body Oil

Deb-Absorbs Straight Away!

I have enjoyed your product and have used on my face and I also apply on my upper side of hands. I love this product, it really is so easy as absorbs straight away, feels good and creates a nice shine on the skin.
I also love the smell!

Customer Used: Vibrancy Facial Oil

Tegan-My skin retained its suppleness & I avoided stretch marks & discolouring!

I used SPoil Nourishing Pregnancy Oil everyday after my shower and whenever I needed to soothe the stretchy, itchy tightness of my expanding stomach. Especially towards the end of my pregnancies. As a result my skin retained its suppleness and I avoided stretch marks and discolouring. I also used the oil on my breasts and hips as they grew. I highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to help their skin during and after pregnancy.

Customer Used: Nourishing Pregnancy Oil

Kirstin-My daughter keeps sneaking in and using it!

This oil is devine the smell is amazing, it absorbs well and leaves your skin feeling moisturised. My daughter even loves it and keeps sneaking in and using because as she says its just so yummy mummy!!

Customer Used: Luscious Body Oil

Anna-I believe it even helps me sleep!

I am currently 35 weeks pregnant with my first baby and have loved using this oil! It smells amazing and I believe it even helps me sleep better and of course no stretch marks to date.

Customer Used: Nourishing Pregnancy Oil

Lynne-Absolute Bliss!

Hi my friend has just sent me a bottle of your luscious body oil to help me recover following an accident. Its absolute bliss. Thank you for such a fantastic product. I have joined your mailing list. Keep up the great product.

Customer Used: Luscious Body Oil

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