About Us


SPoil by Original Skin NZ is a family business, pioneered by Chryssie & Renee Woodham. We have a focus on natural beauty, health and well-being, we decided we wanted to share our holistic knowledge in our blends of natural formulations, so you can see the difference for yourselves.

Chryssie Woodham has been in the natural cosmetic, colour, style and fashion industry for the past 35 years with her intention to help people discover their authentic personal style. She has been using essential oils for most of these years and giving out mixtures for pregnancy, and that is where our story starts with our first product, SPoil Nourishing Pregnancy Oil. With such success we have now developed 5 more to add to the family.

She is passionate about using natural products and is considered herself a ‘greenie’.

Renee Woodham has been in the natural skincare, cosmetic and nutritional industry for the past 6 years and started her journey with a want to have a cleaner approach to everyday life for herself and her family.

Renee is a busy mum to 2 beautiful girls, and has a wee boy, also working alongside her husband & his father in their successful family business ModernAge Kitchens & Joinery Ltd and an online Health & Wellness business.

She says “life is full, but I wouldn’t change it for the world, I’m always looking for new adventures, as it’s what keeps me living and enjoying the now”


Our Solution:

Chryssie and I combined our knowledge with the want to achieve effective natural, plant based, vegan products with no harmful chemicals.

As a company our ethos is responding to the need to have sustainable and natural products, that will give you the ongoing lifestyle wellness knowledge to adopt an awareness for cleaner products, with lifelong results.

We have chosen to use glass bottles, partnered with 100% natural ingredients, and no packaging for a more natural classic appearance and to do our part for the environment.

SPoil Your Special Oils:

SPoil by Original Skin’s first product was SPoil-Nourishing Pregnancy Oil, which has a high expectancy rate in preventing stretch marks. Also this amazing oil helps reduce the appearance of general and surgical scaring and the list goes on. So much goodness to assist with our busy lives.

Our other products are SPoil Nurturing Baby Oil, Rejuvenating Facial Oil, Vibrancy Facial Oil 50+, Luscious Body Oil & Hydrating Massage Oil. All having healing, nourishing, hydrating, ingredient's to aid with being able to relax. All contain 100% essential oils and have no nasties. 

Our carefully chosen ingredient's give you beautiful skin, we make sure the synergy of each essential oil works well together giving your body an all over experience from head to toe. 

Created right here in Christchurch New Zealand. Inspired by many years of therapeutic research, SPoil Oils have No Preservatives, No parabens No peg compounds, No mineral oil, No palm oil, No artificial colouring or artificial fragrance.

To be part of creating our amazing SPoil Oils has been an beautiful journey and now being able to share these with you all is super exciting, because you too can have the SPoil Skin Solution.