How to look after your skin over the holidays

How to look after your skin over the holidays

1. Drink plenty of water:  With the festive season starting I know you will be having those work Christmas parties and you will be tempted to have that extra drink that you would not normally have.  Your skin dehydrates with alcohol and especially during the night when your skin would be doing it recovery. Solution - for every drink, drink one glass of water in between. 

2. Stay covered out in the sun: Use a SPF 30-50. Wear a hat and cover your swimmers with a caftan or cover up. Cotton is the best thing and is so fashionable this season.

3. Hydrate you skin with a body oil after your shower every day and after being in the sun. Luscious body oil is perfect for that! And with its beautiful fragrance has a feel good factor -  Spoil yourself!

4. Massage you/your partners skin for relaxation and rejuvenation. Take the time to ease muscle pain, destress, or just enjoy the leisure of being in a relaxed activity. Giving to yourself is a wonderful way to say thank you to you or someone you care about.

5. Use a facial oil to hydrate and seal in moisture from your usual skincare routine. This helps those products work even better.  Vibrancy facial oil will be perfect for this!  

6. Give yourself a holiday from makeup. Especially in hot weather. Use a tinted moisturiser with SPF.  When you using Vibrancy facial oil for a while you will find that it evens out skin tone and creates beautiful glowing skin so you feel confident to be foundation free. 

7. Remember to look after your lips: You can use Vibrancy facial oil for this too!

8. Load up your skin when flying to your holiday destination: Vibrancy facial oil is in a 30ml bottle so OK to take on the plane with you.

9. Keep your hands away from you face: We know from recent events that it is important to keep your hands away from  your face so that bacteria does not spread. Remember to wash your hand with soap regularly. Rejuvenating facial oil has wonderful anti-bacterial qualities and also great for those who have breakout cycles. 

10. Lastly - what you eat: You have heard the saying 'you are what  you eat' well it is also true for your skin health.  Plenty of fruit and green vegetables feed the skin and flushes out toxins. 

We wish you a wonderful festive season and a wonderful new year. Spend time with family and friends and give them lots of hugs - that will send your endorphins souring - which is also great for your skin! 

We thank you for your business this year and look forward to being in touch in 2023.


Renee & Chryssie


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