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Soul Light Energy Balancing Oil Pack

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Get two Soul Light Oils in the gift set one for you and one for someone else.

Soul Light is a synergy of 100% essential oils to balance your energy centres in your body.

These energy centres are called Chakras, which refer to seven site specific concentrations of energy emanating from your body. Each of these Chakra centres is to govern its own expression of associated bodily, emotional and spiritual energy, but each is linked and in tune with all the others. When one or more of the chakras is over- or under-expressing its associated energy, it's thought to manifest as imbalance in the body, mind and spirit. When all of the chakras are balanced in their expression, the alignment of physical, mental and spiritual well-being is manifested.

Let yourself glide through the day with the synergy of frankincense, patchouli, lime, sage, vetiver, sandalwood, neroli 100% essential oils.

Your soul feels like it is getting the nurturing it needs. Light up your life with Soul Light.


Apricot Kernel oil & 100% Essential oils of Frankincense, Sandalwood, Geranium, Neroli, Lime, Patchouli, Vetiver, Sage

Usage: In the morning apply Soul Light to your pulse points on your wrists, close your eyes, then deep breathe into its aroma and out slowly three times, and take the times to be with yourself for a moment contemplating your day. this is a resource you can use as you feel impressed to e.g. headache, stressed, feeling emotional, you feel a energy drop or just want to have the feel good factor.  

Patch Test:
We recommend doing a patch test before using this product by dabbing a small amount on the inside of your wrist or elbow. If there are no signs of redness, itching, burning or swelling within a few hours, the oil is likely safe for you to use on your skin. 


Where do you ship to?

We currently ship within New Zealand only.

We use courier shipping methods to ensure all customers receive their products in a timely manner with minimal disruptions from Covid-19 shipping delays.

What are your shipping options and prices?

We've carefully selected shipping partners to ensure consistent, fast and safe delivery. 

Standard Shipping:
- Ships within 48 hours of purchase
- Orders $8.99
- 2-4 Business days delivery

Note - due to coronavirus restrictions shipping times may vary and prices may be subject to change.


When will my order ship

Orders are processed and ship daily, Monday-Friday.
Please note - at times of peak demand such as seasonal sales processing may take up 3 business days.

Is my order tracked?

All orders are fully tracked
When your items are shipped you will receive an email with tracking details
Please ensure to check your email inbox plus promotions and/or spam folders to retrieve your tracking email
Please allow up to 24 hours - after received your tracking code for it to update.

How do I address any shipping concerns?

Once your parcel leaves us we have limited control over your package. For the fastest resolution regarding any concerns, please reach out directly to your shipping provider. Their contact details will be available with the tracking number SPoil Special Oils emailed you.

If the shipping provider is unable to provide necessary assistance, please email the SPoil customer support team at and we'll help you out!


What happens if my product arrives damaged?


We place a high level of care on protecting your goodies when shipping them to you. Unfortunately, accidents can happen in transit. Please notify us no later than 10 days after receiving your parcel if an item is broken. You must also include a photo of the item and the shipping box. Please email to

Our team will be happy to help with a replacement item.

Return policy

Investing in SPoil products is a commitment to healthy skin.

When you purchase from us, you are receiving hand-crafted, premium, products made from quality ingredients. This is paired with personal support to help you towards the skin result you're after. It costs us to give you a product of this standard.

Our integrity as a business is of the utmost importance to us, and we avoid skincare sleight of hand by adding unhealthy, synthetic ingredients that may FEEL nice (like Silicone)  but aren’t necessarily the best for your skin. We won't over-promise with a money-back guarantee and then just never respond to you if you have an issue.

We focus on supporting you and the health of your skin with the finest products that we can create and the best customer experience we can deliver.

Because of this we do not accept returns on opened or used items. Please contact us via email to alert us to any issues with your SPoil Special Oils order. We have this firm timeframe in place because our products are natural and we do not want to compromise the expiration date.

Any defects must be reported within 30 days from the date of receiving.

Please read the below to understand before you buy:

1) Results may not happen overnight - healthy skin takes time to achieve, and this journey is unique for every person. It may take a couple of weeks, or it may take several months.

2) You may experience breakouts with some of our products (facial oil)  - this is  normal and incredibly common. It is known as 'purging. When introducing a new skincare routine that's working (i.e. detoxing and speeding up cellular turnover) many underlying skin issues can be rapidly accelerated. Breakouts are essentially being pushed up and out of the skin as it becomes healthier.


Our team is right there with you to help you get the most out of your purchase. If you feel you're not getting the results you're after, please reach out straight away via email to so we can give you some tips. Often all it takes is a tiny tweak to your routine, and you're back on course for beautiful, healthy skin.


What happens if I receive damaged or incorrect products?

We do our absolute best to ensure all items are packaged and sent in a way to avoid any damage, however accidents can happen. Please notify us no later than 10 days after receiving a damaged product in order to be eligible for a replacement.

In your email please include photos as proof of the damage and the packing slip, so our team can assess and authorise the return.

In the case of a damaged order, we will arrange a replacement to be shipped to you once your photos have been reviewed and approved. Please send these to

  • In the case of incorrect products, the products will need to be returned to our returns office in their original, unused condition. Once the original products are received back, we will arrange replacement products to be sent out. We will reimburse the cost of return shipping with evidence of the paid shipping receipt. 
  • In the case of damaged products, we will arrange for a replacement item to be shipped to you once photos have been reviewed and approved. 

    Returns due to allergies & reactions

     Experiencing an allergic reaction or contact dermatitis (a reaction to the presence of an irritant) is rare with our products due to their gentle formulations. However, every individual is different and the unique sensitivities of an individual does not reflect any issues with product quality or formulation.

    Due to this, we do not offer refunds without written verification from a medical practitioner. Their note must clearly state that the specific SPoil product was responsible for the cause of the allergy or reaction. You must also provide photo proof of the reaction (with a photo ID in shot) and evidence of a patch test to

    Therefore, it is essential for you to please ensure you carefully check ingredients for any possible allergens BEFORE you order. In the rare circumstance where you feel you have had an adverse reaction, please stop using the produc/ts immediately and then reach out to your GP or allergist.


    Refunds due to change of mind


    If you have changed your mind about your SPoil purchase, you may return your order to us within 10 days of delivery. For hygiene reasons, we regret that we cannot offer refunds or exchanges on goods that have been opened or used.

    To return your unwanted items please send an email to with clear photographs of the packaging and products.

    -        Once your return is approved (we will email you), your items must be returned in their original product packaging

    -        Original Skin NZ is not responsible for the cost of return shipping, this is at your own cost

    -        Once your order is received in our warehouse and inspected, we deduct the original shipping fee and a restock fee of 10% from the total refund amount




    If you make a written request to cancel your order (via email) within 60 minutes of placing it, we will do our best to hold the item and process a refund. Please note, due to customer service timezone differences and our use of multiple shipping partners we may not be able to intercept a parcel in time to guarantee this. 


    Refunds due to shipping delays/ issues


    Our shipping partners have been carefully selected to ensure we get your parcel to you on time and minimise the chance of a parcel getting lost.

    Unfortunately, occasionally delays or difficulties outside of our control can occur - for example due to Covid-19. 

    • If your parcel is lost or reported missing by the courier company at any point up to point of delivery, we will send you a replacement parcel.
    • If your parcel cannot be delivered due to incorrect address or issues with the delivery location please immediately reach out to the delivery company. You can do this using the tracking information provided to you at time of purchase to provide re-delivery or further instruction. If a parcel is considered non-deliverable it will be destroyed after a set period of time. We are unable to replace or refund parcels lost or destroyed due to incorrect address or issues with the delivery location.
    • If your parcel is stolen or missing after a confirmed point of delivery (i.e porch theft) you are required to launch an investigation with the delivery company using the tracking details provided to you at time of purchase. Once completed, please reach out to our customer service team with all information provided to you by the courier company: proof of delivery, signature, GPS co-ordinates or photograph plus any other accompanying evidence. We will verify this info with the courier company and then launch a claim on your behalf for a refund. We ask for your patience during this process as our timelines are dictated by response times from the third party courier company.

      What happens if my parcel is missing items?


      We store weight log info in our system so we can be sure we ship a full order to you. However, if your order appears to be missing an item, we will do our best to replace it. Just get in touch and send us photos of your order and the packaging slip to Just make sure to contact us within 10 days of receiving your order as we can’t accept requests after that period.


      Defective Items Received


      We are committed to ensuring our product ingredients and packaging are of the highest quality, so our customer can achieve their best skin yet.  

      On the rare occasion where this may have happened, and you believe you have received an item which is defective, please email us photos of the defect and the packaging slip to Just make sure you contact us within 30 days of receiving your order, as we will not be able to replace your order after that period.